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The Importance Of Reconciliation

Performing reconciliations for your account after some time is crucial. The reconciliation allows you to compare the transactions in your credit card against your records. If you have missed any transactions, you will be able to pick it and update the records. On the other hand, if you notice entries in the account you are not sure of, you can follow up with your financial institution.

Any unclear entries observed in the account should be followed up immediately. It is easier to check on something when it is still fresh instead of delaying the action. Unclear entries may provide an avenue to fraudsters to steal money from your account.

The frequency of reconciliations depends on the volume of transactions in the account. Accounts with many transactions should be reconciled more often. Our system allows you extract the information you need to perform the reconciliation on your device. The reconciliation is conducted in an Excel worksheet, and you can save it on your device for if you are unable to finish or download it afresh.

Our interactive system has been tried and tested and has improved as need arises. Any changes in the system are made to improve the quality of service we give our members. We endeavor to make sure your money is safe, and you make the financial transaction from your account conveniently from any part of the world.

We do not yet have an interactive form online to use to reconcile your Share Drafts account.

However, if you have Microsoft Excel on your computer, click the link in the below to open a workable form in your own Excel software.

Download the Microsoft Excel Share Draft Reconciliation Form

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