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How We're Different

We provide loans to help you undertake individual projects that require financial input that is beyond your means. You can get personal loans, auto loans or refinancing. We offer highly competitive rates and affordable repayments schedules designed to suit your circumstances.

Many financiers take time to decide whether to provide you with funds you need. That is not the case with us. We value your time and trust the plans you have for the funds. Therefore, we make decisions very fast, and you get the funds quickly. With the help of our app, applying for a loan is now done remotely. Applicants are not required to come to our offices to make the application.

Our loans are grouped according to their usage. We offer personal and auto loans. The security of the loans can be the asset you are purchasing. If you have deposits, you can use them as collateral.

When it comes to repayment extensions, it is common to experience situations when your financial commitments are overwhelming. For instance, you need some money for an opportunity you cannot miss. We can extend payments up to 3 times. We also provide a Skip-A-Pay promotion in the summer and fall. Please contact us to learn more about how to take advantage of our payment extensions and our Skip-A-Pay promotion.

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Student Loan Applications

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Interest Rates

Interest Rates on Loans

Interest Rates

The rates below do not reflect loan special rates. Please check our Loan Specials page to see current loan special rates!

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Loan Interest Rates
Type Term Rate
New Vehicle Depends on Amount Financed "As Low As" 4.240% APR
Used Vehicle Depends on Year Model "As Low As" 4.240% APR
Signature 36 Months Max "As Low As" 7.75% APR
Share Certificate Secured Max term is the maturity date of the certificate Interest paid is 2% above Share Certificate rate, or a minimum rate 4.000%
Share Secured Term and rate of the lowest rate offered at the time Term and rate of the lowest rate offered at the time
Other Secured 60 Months Max "As Low As" 6.75% APR

Credit Card

Credit Cards & Rates

Credit Card rates by Credit Score

Platinum MasterCard Rates by Credit Score
Credit Score Rate
730 + [A+] 8.00%
680 - 729 [A] 9.00%
640 - 679 [B] 10.00%
600 - 639 [C] 13.00%
< 599 [D] 16.00%
Platinum with Rewards MasterCard Rates by Credit Score
Credit Score Rate
730 + [A+] 9.00%
680 - 729 [A] 10.00%
640 - 679 [B] 11.00%
600 - 639 [C] 14.00%
< 599 [D] 17.00%


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