E.T. Codes

264-6028 (from local area) or 800-749-6028 (if you are out of our area)

Action Codes*

01: Savings Account Balance
02: Checking Account Balance
09: Balance of Any Account, any suffix
11: Payroll, Direct Deposit into Savings
12: Payroll, Direct Deposit into Checking
14: Last 4 checks cleared
15: Individual check cleared
16: All deposits into savings
17: All deposits into checking
19: All deposits and payments, any suffix
21: Savings to Checking transfer
22: Checking to Savings transfer
29: Transfer between any two suffixes
41: Year to Date Savings Dividends
42: Year to Date Checking Dividends
49: Year to Date dividend or interest, any suffix
53: ACH withdrawals from Savings
54: ACH withdrawals from Checking
59: All withdrawals, any suffix
91: Current Dividend and Interest Rates
93: Change PIN
97: Restart call with a new Acct # or PIN
98: List of All Codes & Explanations
99: End Call (or simply hang up)
Account Types
01: Savings
02: Savings with Life Insurance
03: Escrow Shares
05: CUIE
09: Checking
10-14: Special Savings
20-24: IRA suffixes
30-49: Certificate suffixes
60-90: Loan suffixes
*"Suffix" in these codes means the last two numbers of any CU account.
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